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How a humidifier works

Your furnace heats and sends warm air through the humidifier and a water-soaked Pad, evaporats the water sending moistened air throughout your home via your home's duct system.

Its that simple !

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Aprilaire® Humidifier

Keeps life simple


The Aprilaire 600 is completely automatic, with the option of manual functionality, so you can have control when you need it and let the house humidifier do the rest while you are away

Adapts to your climate

The Aprilaire 600 humidifier includes a built-in bypass damper for convenient installation and quick changeover from winter to summer settings. You will enjoy the Aprilaire 600 humidifier's capability of closely monitoring indoor, as well as outdoor, temperature. Features :• Automatic Digital Control • Outdoor temperature sensor • Manual Mode Resistor • First Water Panel • 24V Transformer • Saddle Valve

Save $100.00 on purchase

When combined with Duct Cleaning

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General Aire® Series


Your furnace sends warm air through the unit and a water-soaked Vapor Pad®, evaporating water within the Vapor Pad®. Newly-moistened air is then delivered throughout your home via your home's duct system. Breathe healthier with a GeneralAire® Elite 900 Humidifier.


•Included: Our GFX3 Automatic Digital Humidistat. Features a manual or automatic mode with an outdoor sensor for temperature compensating control.

•For Home Sizes up to 2,800 Sq. Ft.

•Patented KineticFlo® water distribution system for maximum evaporative performance.

•Duraplast® ultra-violet stable automotive-grade plastics.

•Integral humidity control bypass damper, transformer, solenoid valve, Vapor Pad®, saddle valve, GDV3412 Code Valve, and the industries first Automatic Digital Temperature Compensating Humidistat.

•Bypass humidifier mounts easily on the warm or return plenum and delivers 17 GPD.

Save $100.00 on purchase

When combined with Duct Cleaning

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Healthy Climate® Series

Effective whole-house humidity control


• Helps control problems associated with dry indoor air, providing optimal comfort and air quality

• Works with your central comfort system—equipped with a bypass damper that works with your air handler or furnace fan to direct humidified air throughout the home

• Available in two capacities to maintain just-right moisture levels in your home: - 17-gallon HCWB17 - 12-gallon HCWB12 • EquaFlo™ channel design provides even water distribution for optimal moisture

• Uses an evaporative humidification process that optimizes the distribution of moisture, helps prevent the buildup of minerals, bacteria and mold, and minimizes the amount of maintenance required

Save $100.00 on purchase

When combined with Duct

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