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If you looking for more then just duct cleaning, then we can offer you some great savings.

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Save on Humidifiers

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We sell Install and maintain Panel Flow Humidifiers. With a variety of Makes and models we can offer you a product that will match your budget and when you combine it with your cleaning you save even more.

If you purchase a humidifier at the same time as booking your duct cleaning with us we will give you $100.00 off the price.

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There's more savings on our filters !

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We also sell Install and maintain whole home Air Cleaners . If your looking to improve your indoor air quality and by that we mean the air you breath, we have whole home air cleaners that are installed right on your furnace and get replaced once year.

If you purchase an Air Cleaner at the same time as booking your duct cleaning with us we will give you $100.00 off the price.

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There's even more !

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We also provide qualified furnace maintenance and protection plans that provide you with a furnace cleaning and inspection and a 1 year 24 hour parts and labor plan on your furnace. Book this at the same time as your duct cleaning and you get the Protection Plan for half price that's another $100.00 + savings.

That now means you save over $300.00 and everything is warrantied and installed by a licensed professional.

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The number one Duct Cleaning Service

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Did you know there is no better system on the market today to clean your ducts. The Rotobrush was engineered and built for one purpose, to clean duct work. Spinning and scrubbing as it sucks all the dirt out of your home there really is not better method to clean your home's lungs.



Other Services We Offer

Heating and Cooling

Reid Hearing and Cooling
1 ......New Furnace Installs
2 ......New Air Conditioner Installs
3 ......Service to all makes


Air Filters

Once a year replacements
1 ......5 Inch Media Air Cleaners
2 ......Pure Air Filters
3 ......Hepa Filters



Whole Home Humidifiers
1 ......Aprilaire
2 ......General Aire
3 ......Healthy Climate



A Window for your home
1 ......Life Breath Models
2 ......Venmar Models
3 ......Service and Maintenance


Gas Appliance Installs

We Install all Gas Appliances
1 ...... BBQ's
2 ......Gas Stoves
3 ......Gas Dryers


Home Security

Accurate Security
1 ......Home Monitoring
2 ......Camera's
3 ......Cables


Hot Water Tanks

Mr. Rental Tank
1 ......Hot Water Tanks Sales
2 ......Hot Water Tank Rentals
3 ......Hot Water Tank Service


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