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Why choose The Duct Scrubber?

Duct Cleaning. And Scrubbing. And Vacuuming.
We told you that we don't suck—we scrub your ducts. To be fair, that's not entirely accurate. We actually do both with our Rotobrush technology.

The mighty Rotobrush.
It's pretty neat. As you can see from the image on the right, the Rotobrush gets right into every nook and cranny of your ducts and actually scrubs away dust & debris. But it also vacuums up the loosened dust and dirt at the same time, leaving your ductwork clean and and your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system optimized.

We believe in a job well done, and we won't compromise quality. If it's time your ducts had a good, thorough scrubbing, Contact Us for more information.


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